Happy Birthday, Dear Jovelle

Five Years Old

Please, everybody, look at me!
Today I’m five years old, you see!
And after this, I won’t be four,
Not ever, ever any more!
I won’t be three – or two – or one.
For that was when I’d first begun.
Now I’ll be five a while, and then
I’ll soon be something else again!

-Mary Louise Allen



Five.  She’s a sweet-spirited, strong-willed, loving, smart, giving, whining, hammy bundle of energy.  She’s shy but has spunk (as evidenced when she boldly told a 12 year old who was teasing her brother, “Hey!  He’s littler than you!  You’re not supposed to pick on kids littler than you!”), loves learning about Jesus, likes to dance and make up songs and is daring.  I love that she wears stripes with plaid, cowgirl boots with fancy dresses and rainboots to church, and I hope she doesn’t outgrow a sense of style that doesn’t care what others think.


And, oh, the things she says!

This morning, even, before getting to try something new for breakfast…. “I’m so excited to explore the taste of them!”

Random reflections on her name:
Jovelle: “Jovelle doesn’t really sound like a  name. Bob sounds like a name, but Jovelle doesn’t.”
Me: “Oh really?  What does Jovelle sound like?”
Jovelle: “Just a word.”

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Jovelle: “I feel pretty.”
Me: “Oh yeah, why?”
Jovelle: “I just feel how I look, that’s all.”
Me, chuckling:  “Ok, get buckled up, please.”
Jovelle: “Why are you laughing when you say that?”
Me, not wanting her to think I was laughing at her: “Because I love you.”
Jovelle: “Why are you laughing at that?  I thought it was happy when you love someone.”

Me to Judah, who was building with Legos: “Whoa!  Look at that!  What are you building?”
Jovelle: “Just the fanciest thing in the universe.”


Jovelle at bedtime, suddenly talking and reflecting on having taken communion for the first time at church that morning: “It’s not actually Jesus’s body and blood we had.  It’s just crackers and juice.”
Me: “Yes, it’s just supposed to remind us about what Jesus did for us.”
Jovelle, a few minutes later: “It’s a good thing I took communion today because I was starting to forget that Jesus died for me so it’s good I took communion so I could remember.”

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Judah, picking up couch: “Look how strong I am!”
Jovelle, trying unsuccessfully to pick up couch: “Look how light I am!”

Happy birthday, five year old!  Still the cutest birthday girl ever!  😉


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