Giving Stuff

When I started in my new role with Wycliffe, I was a bit startled to learn that 90% of the assets of the average American are non-cash–things like vehicles, real estate, furniture, etc.  Ninety percent!  In thinking about it, I realized our family wasn’t that much different and it started to make sense.

Then I met our staff who specialize in working with people who wanted to give through creative means.  Maybe their cash assets were low and didn’t think they could participate financially in the Bible translation movement.  However, God uses all of our gifts.  Just in the past few weeks I’ve learned of people who have given iPhones, RVs and even land–all for the sake of advancing Bible translation.  I’m grateful for the way so many have responded to give creatively to this movement!

If you have something, valued at $75 or more, would you please consider donating them to Wycliffe, even to support our own Wycliffe ministry?  Click here if you’re interested.  It’s quick and easy and puts your stuff to use in God’s Kingdom!

Some of the more common things to find around that could be donated:

  • Smart phones: Maybe an iPhone if you’re upgrading to the new iPhone 6s.
  • Gift cards: We might remind you about that one again after Christmas.  🙂
  • Vehicles: Your motorcycle that has gone unused or the inherited boat that never sees the water.

Thought of something sitting in your garage or storage unit that could be put to work spreading the gospel?  Here is that link again for donating toward our ministry with Wycliffe.

The image below is a link to a blog post written by my colleague Melissa which looks at this in more detail:Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.02.50 AM


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