10 years in…

This is a season of anniversaries.

A few months ago I celebrated 10 years as being a member of Wycliffe.  I received notice back in July 2005 from my recruiters and friends, Ed and Linda, a day before I got the official notification from HR.  At the time, I was in the midst of a crazy busy summer working with youth groups coming to serve in San Francisco.  My acceptance into Wycliffe kicked off an incredible season of transition where I moved (by train!) back to Michigan for a short season before moving to Orlando, starting my first Wycliffe assignment, and then meeting and marrying Christie.

Then just a few weeks ago, I marked one year in my assignment as the Vice President for Advancement.  It’s been nothing short of a thrill ride–working through staff transitions, a major restructure, overhauling the physical layout of our office, and planning our first major event.  Not unlike the ride I was on with my father-in-law recently:

Manta at Sea World Orlando

Just prior to my one year anniversary I conducted performance appraisals for my leadership team.  I always enjoy these but this round seemed pretty special because it gave us all a chance to reflect on the first year of working together and how far we have come.  I know leadership transitions can be a challenge so I’m so grateful for the way that our staff has rallied around Christie and I over the past year.  I sincerely feel that we are clicking on all cylinders and I’m so grateful for a tremendous team that God has given us to serve the Bible translation movement for this season.

Looking back on 10 years also gives us the chance to think about how many people have made it possible for our Wycliffe ministry to thrive over this time.  Some of you have given financially–generously and sacrificially.  Some of you pray–faithfully and lovingly. Others of you have visited us, sent us notes of encouragement, brought food to us, and been the church to us.


Here’s to another 10 years together in ministry!


2 thoughts on “10 years in…

  1. So good to be able to see Chris and Judah at MAM on Sunday. Always a delight to hear how God is working in and through your family and ministry.

    • Thanks for the time to catch up a bit, Jane! Hope we’re able to be in town longer next time, and with more notice. 🙂

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