Doubling Gifts

A few days ago, our remaining commitments needed to start our new assignment seemed daunting.  However, thanks to a partner who wants to see us get started in our new role very soon, we have a special opportunity that we think will push us over our goal by October 1, our anticipated start date.

From now through the end of September, all new commitments (or increased commitments) will be matched up to $750 per month for the first year.  This effectively doubles your monthly, quarterly or annual commitments and gets us into our new assignment twice as fast!

Three new partners have already joined the team in September and another has increased, leaving only $400 per month in new (or increased) commitments that is available to be matched.  Will you help us meet our goal and have your money doubled?  Click here to make your commitment and/or e-mail us to let us know.

(If you received our e-update from last night (you can see it here), you may notice that the remaining need has decreased already!  This is great news, but the match will only be available for another 16 days so if you want in on it, please do so soon.)

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