Signing Up All Over Again

When anyone joins Wycliffe, they are usually really enthused about the ministry of Bible translation and how God is changing lives through His Word.  Logical, right?

However, I’ve also observed how God continually brings experiences to the lives of Wycliffe staff that makes them want to sign up all over again.

Yesterday morning, I had one such experience.  I had the opportunity to attend part of the Wycliffe USA Board of Directors semi-annual meeting.  The devotional was given by board member Larry Cheng (learn more about him here), who hit the ball out of the park when looking at Acts 2:1-13.  He shared about God using a miracle involving languages–instead of something like a burning bush or parting the seas, both things He was capable of and had done before–to grab people’s attention at a pivotal moment in history.  He could have used any miracle He wanted, but He chose to reach people in their own languages, speaking “about the wonderful things God has done.” (Acts 2:11 NLT)

Larry Cheng sharing at the Wycliffe USA Board meeting. Photo courtesy Ruth Hubbard.

How cool is it that we get the privilege of being a part of an organization that is continuing on in the same ministry as the miracle at Pentecost?  Many of you are playing a role, too, whether you are praying, giving or serving with us.  We’re continually grateful we signed up and we thank you for being a part of the Bible translation movement, too!

(My attendance at this meeting unfortunately does not mean that I have started the new assignment yet.  We are still short of the financial partnership that we need in order to begin.  If you would like to join our team, please click hereWe are hoping I will be able to start by the beginning our fiscal year–October 1!)


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