Gifts Adding Up

I was visiting with a friend recently who said something to the effect of, “I really want to help you out financially, but I can’t give much and don’t think it will make a difference.”

Was I ever quick to jump in and correct her thinking–“Whatever you can give WILL make a difference for worldwide Bible translation.  One of the great things about our partnership team is that there are lots of people giving what you might consider ‘small’ gifts…and it adds up quickly!”

Not long after that, we received word of her commitment to give monthly to Wycliffe with preference for our ministry.  Commitments like hers are getting us closer to our goal of having 100% of our ministry budget pledged.  Don’t think you can give enough to make a difference? Think again!

However, despite new partners and others who have increased, we are still only at 73% of ongoing commitments–leaving a gap that must be closed before we can start our new assignment.  An empty office (see this recent post for a photo) remains at Wycliffe until we reach 100%.

If you want to help us get started in our new role please let us know of your desire to partner financially with us on an ongoing basis.   You can also set up gifts online through the Wycliffe website at

Your gifts play an important part in reaching the nearly 200 million people still waiting for even one verse of God’s Word in their language.


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