Investing for Impact: 30% in 30 Days

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting about our transition from Nigeria to the U.S.  The impetus for this move is my new role with Wycliffe as Vice President for Advancement.  I am slated to start on July 1.  We can’t wait to dive in to the new assignment, supporting the work of Bible translation around the world which leads to transformed lives!

This pastor is carrying a case of recently-translated Bibles in his heart language, Berom, to his congregation in Nigeria.  God's Word being carried off to transform lives!

This pastor is carrying a case of recently-translated Bibles in his heart language, Berom, to his congregation in Nigeria. God’s Word being carried off to transform lives!

However, the biggest hurdle to overcome right now is the growth needed on our financial partnership team.  Though we’re now living in the States and have a different job title, we will continue to raise funds to support the ministry of Bible translation to which God has called us, and given our larger family size and the higher cost of living in the U.S. compared to Nigeria, our monthly ministry budget has increased significantly. We will not be able to start our new assignment until God has led our friends, family and church communities, combined, to pledge at least 100% of that amount. At the moment, we are only at about 70% of our goal, leaving us with a rather significant (from a human perspective) gap.

At church a few weeks ago in Michigan, the pastor dug into the astonishing work that God performed through David in the battle between the Israelites and the Philistines. While I was slightly pre-occupied holding Josiah and trying to dodge the mustard yellow stuff seeping through his outfit (a nice outfit, seeing that we had him dedicated that morning as well), God used that sermon to remind us of a truth that was easy to forget in light of this gap: focus on God, not the giant. To the best of our knowledge, David never wavered in his faith in God to win the battle and the role that God had for him in that battle. David’s focus was on the Lord Almighty, not on the giant before him.

What are the giants in our life today? Different people have different giants, to be sure, but this seemingly huge financial gap could easily be a giant for us in the coming weeks. Despite the gap, we need to keep our focus on God. He will provide in His time, in His own unique ways.

Would you please consider joining God in what He is doing through Bible translation and at the same time help us to bridge this gap? We are looking for partners who are willing to commit to giving to Wycliffe on an ongoing basis (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.) with preference for our ministry. (Current partners who would like to increase their level of giving are also welcomed!)

For more information on giving, please click here. You can give by credit card, EFT withdrawal or by check. Please let us know if you have questions!

Thank you for helping us overcome this giant!

Note: Wycliffe uses and approves a ministry budget for its members. This budget reflects the amount needed to fund each ministry. Wycliffe requires its members to develop financial partnerships with individuals and churches to fund its tax-exempt purpose and to meet their full ministry budgets.


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