Transitions: A Call — Then and Now

This post is Part One of a series on some of the upcoming (and already happened and happening) transitions in our lives right now.

When I was in third grade—or somewhere about then—I organized a marble tournament. A bunch of my friends and I liked to play marbles (though goodness knows I’ve long since forgotten how to do so)… but apparently just PLAYING marbles wasn’t enough for me.  No, the unorganized recreation of my elementary friends just cried out for order, so I set up a tournament, complete with brackets, at the park in the small town in Michigan where we were living at the time.

Marble tournament, anyone?

Marble tournament, anyone?

Over the years situations like this repeated themselves, from running the school newspaper in high school to coordinating a Model United Nations competition in college (the largest for high school students in the state of Michigan).  Though I didn’t seek out these opportunities, it seemed that God frequently placed me in positions of leadership and top-level administration, both while in school and after.

I didn’t necessarily notice it at the time, but in hindsight I believe that God was setting the tone for how He would have me serve Him throughout my life and developing the gifts He wanted me to use for His kingdom — even from that first marble tournament. I began to sense His call to serve in leadership to advance His Kingdom through evangelical missions. When God first called me into Bible translation (in 2004), He graciously continued to place me in positions of leadership, first in the Offices of the President (including as Chief of Staff), then overseeing most of the functions providing support to Bible translation for a key partner organization in Nigeria.

Many of you may not know that in the past few months, we have accepted a new position with Wycliffe and are currently in the middle of transitioning back to the United States.  Over the coming days we’ll be sharing more about this huge change, but Lord willing, I start my new position on July 1. This new position, though it involves a move from one continent to another, is not a dramatic shift in God’s call on our lives – in fact, it isn’t a shift at all. 

All along our Wycliffe journey, we’ve known one thing that hasn’t changed: God has called us to support Bible translation through our leadership and administrative abilities. By His grace, we’ve been allowed to do that in Orlando and then in West Africa.

And now He is calling us back to Orlando — same organization, same call, new assignment.

Our next post will share more about we’ll be doing in this new assignment.




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