Not Much Longer!

Just about a week and a half until the due date – but who’s counting?!  The other day Judah randomly said, “Mommy, you’ve had that baby inside you for like 21 years.”  Now, I’m not entirely sure which aspect of his words I should comment on first: the fact that he actually used the word “like” as a filler (which I find, like, so disturbing and am now being forced to look at my own vocabulary), or the fact that, well, yeah, in some ways it has seemed like ages.  With Judah and Jovelle I loved being pregnant and was in no hurry for that part to end… and though I am grateful for overall good health (minus a few episodes and malaria bouts in the beginning), with this one, I’m kinda ready… even though I’ve learned from past experience that caring for a baby inside is way easier than caring for one outside!  😉

I imagine the waiting is even more magnified for children, though.  I remember the day after we told them that they were going to have a new brother or sister – they were so excited and could hardly wait.  I was sitting on a chair and called Judah over to tell him something.  He bounded over so excited and exclaimed, “What is it, Mommy?  Is the baby coming?!”  Well, no – just 240 or so more sleeps to go!

But now the time is almost here, and we’re so excited to meet him or her….

Isn't that just the cutest little nose you ever did see?

Isn’t that just the cutest little nose you ever did see?

Just over a week to go!

Just over a week to go!

…Though, uh, if it’s a him we are still without any name options.  Not that Judah’s suggestion of “Jude” and Jovelle’s suggestion of “Baby Doll” aren’t valid choices, mind you….


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