Washed by the Word

I saw the following on the Wycliffe UK blog and wanted to share it in this space as well.  This is something that I can’t fathom: hearing and truly understanding the Christmas story for the first time as an adult.

In many ways, we have lost the wonder of the birth that changed the world.  We are no longer truly surprised or overwhelmed by this amazing gift.

Think, though, of the surprise of the shepherds, the wise men, those who experienced this magnificent gift firsthand.  Think of the many people around the world even today who have not grown up hearing what has become, for us, the familiar story of Christmas.

As we are reminded on the Wycliffe UK blog, “The story of Christmas, complete with shock factor, is not lost.  Around the world people are experiencing the news of Jesus’ birth with those emotions because they are understanding it for the first time. We heard about one woman in Cabo Verde (formerly Cape Verde) who, hearing the Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth in her own language for the first time, laid down her national-language Bible and said,

‘For the first time in my life, I felt washed by the word. I thought I knew the Christmas story by heart, but I must confess that today I feel like I’ve heard it for the very first time.’ “

As we mentioned in our newsletter, there are approximately 20 language groups in Nigeria who, for the first time this Christmas, will be able to hear the story of the birth of Jesus in their own language.  Now that is reason to praise God and have a merry Christmas!  May we all experience the wonder of the birth of Christ anew this year – whether we are hearing it for the first time or the 100th time!


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