Happy Birthday, Judah!

It’s cliché, I know, but I have to say it: Man does time fly!  We celebrated Judah’s birthday this week, and, well, I can’t believe we have a five year old.

It is so fun to watch him grow.  We were celebrating his birthday at my grandma’s house, and she commented, “He has such a fun, unique personality.”  Now, we may be biased, but we couldn’t agree more!  Though he can be a bit, er, stubborn and short-tempered (I’m not sure WHERE he gets that from – must be Chris’s side of the family!  😉  ), he is also incredibly sweet and gentle (a side he sometimes even shows Jovelle!  😉  ).  He loves to learn, has quite the imagination and makes us laugh with his silly antics and words.  He loves books and has recently become enthralled with superheroes.  Oh, and he sure loves to get dirty!




When he was younger, we thought he would be quite the outgoing daredevil, as he would reach out to anyone, climb anything and attempt anything.  He’s become more cautious in his old age, though, and it takes him a while to warm up to people – but once he does, he’s smitten.

One of the things I find incredibly fascinating is his tendency to “save the best for last.”  We are not entirely sure where he picked this up (though since it involves will power, it’s probably not from me), but he saves and savors – picks the pepperoni (his fave) off pizza, for example, and eats it last.  He will even pick the crunchy crust from fish and save it to eat last.  It’s quite funny because Jovelle is the opposite – she eats her favorite first… and then asks Judah for his.  One day I gave each of them two M&M’s (yes, that’s right – two.  And not because we were saving the rest for ourselves, either.), and I kid you not, Judah took at least 20 minutes to eat his.  Yes, 20 minutes for TWO M&M’s.  He started by nibbling the shell off 1/2 of one, put it down, came back for more, bit off 1/2 the chocolate, nibbled the rest of the shell, eventually ate the remaining chocolate in small bites and left the second one on the table.  Meanwhile, Jovelle had finished hers in one bite and started eyeing Judah’s, hovering around the table when he left it, and asking if she could finish his.  He wandered around a bit later and repeated the process on his second M&M.

We are so blessed to have him in our lives, and we look forward to another year with him!

Just born!

Just born!

Judah 010

8 weeks

8 weeks

About 6 months

About 6 months

1st birthday

1st birthday



2nd birthday

2nd birthday (Check out that hair!)

Meeting baby sister

Meeting baby sister


3rd birthday



And then he was five….




4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Judah!

  1. Two M&Ms…lol.
    The savoring thing is from you. You had Halloween candy for months after and you had a refrigerator of leftovers from restaurants that you ate throughout the week when you were single. Remember? You LOVE serving yourself a half portion and going back for seconds.

    Jovelle’s my kinda girl. Live in the moment…worry about how to fix the deficit later. 😀 Ya know, two M&Ms is just a tease. I mean…6 is at least a handful. Jimmeny Christmas….

    • Ha ha! That’s true – and I would save about one squirt of a yummy smelling perfume just to savor it a little longer. Funny!

      Love the comparison about Jovelle, though – live in the moment, worry about fixing the deficit later. 😉 That’s my girl!

      ….Oh, and I recently tested the two M&M’s theory – wasn’t so troublesome for me cuz I’m not a huge fan of them. However, I did the same test with peanut butter cups, and you’re right – two peanut butter cups is a tease! 😉 Why don’t they put more in those packages???

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