In the Midst of Chaos

Following is a story that we heard recently about another country in West Africa.  As with so many of the stories we hear from elsewhere in the world, it just as easily could have been in Nigeria.  We share this with permission; it was written by Freddy Boswell, Executive Director of SIL International, a key Wycliffe partner organization.

Some of the countries we work in are suffering profound upheaval. Yet in the midst of the chaos, God is at work.

A pastor in exile from his home in a West African country reported: “Our church has worked in collaboration with you for about 20 years, including in two translation projects and a project to provide Scripture in these languages on Proclaimers and Sabers. These can be listened to in private, and we’ve heard hundreds of testimonies from people whose lives have been touched. Old women from the majority religion have broken down and cried when they listened, exclaiming, ‘This is the truth!’ ”

The same pastor was catching a flight from the airport and saw a policeman whose wife had attended his church. He greeted the man and asked about his wife. The policeman asked, “How do you know my wife?” The pastor answered, “She attended my church and went to literacy classes there.” The policeman exclaimed, “Since she learned to read and began reading the Bible, she has become a different person!” He hugged the pastor very warmly—something not usually done in public—then enthusiastically introduced him to his fellow policemen as the person who taught his wife to read and changed her life.


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