Our Little MKs

Our little MKs

Our little MKs

In our latest newsletter (Let us know if you don’t receive it but would like to—it is being sent out this weekend.), we talked about how Judah and Jovelle might struggle with various facets of being back in the U.S. We’ve continued that train of thought here with a longer list. Kudos to our friends Paul and Kelly who gave permission to adapt this idea that was from their own newsletter.

Some things our kids might have to learn (or re-learn) and adjust to:

  • That it’s probably not appropriate to run around barefoot in underwear and diapers (nor very smart—particularly in a Northern Michigan winter!).
  • That they are—shock!—not a novelty and the center of attention when they’re anywhere in public.
  • How to go to a zoo and not stick their hands in the cages to feed the elephants or monkeys from their hands.

Feeding chimps out of your hand…a typical day at the zoo in Nigeria.

  • That every child they meet in America does not go to their playgroup and may not want to be their friend.
  • How to meet loads of new people in a short amount of time—and speak and react appropriately every time they meet someone new.
  • That receiving mail in the United States is not nearly as exciting as it is in Nigeria (and usually doesn’t contain snacks from their grandparents).
  • That being with family in person is WAY better than just talking on Skype (especially since Grandma can’t change diapers virtually!).
  • That those carrots in the store are NOT a free gift and actually have to be purchased!
  • That home is where Mommy and Daddy are, not necessarily a particular place.
  • How to leave behind almost everything they know and experience new things every day.

We are grateful for the time we will get to spend with our family and friends in the States and so looking forward to it. We know, though, that in some ways for Judah and Jovelle, going back to the U.S. is not exactly going home (though Judah has observed that we are blessed to have two homes), so we appreciate your patience and grace if they don’t always act in ways that seem appropriate.


4 thoughts on “Our Little MKs

  1. What a trip! It’s so interesting to think about things from their perspective. You and Chris had “normal lives” before, but this normality is totally abnormal for your kids. Good thinking to prepare all your loved ones in advance!

  2. Loved reading all the blogs. Life is so different in Nigeria. Hope all of you are doing well adjusting to the US again. Has Judah had snow yet t enjoy? Looking forward to seeing you when you get to Florida. Happy Thanksgiving.

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