Kid Quips

Jovelle, who just turned 2 in March, is talking up a storm, and we have so much fun listening to the things she comes up. As an English major, I find myself fascinated with how language develops and the construction of sentences, too – “Where is Daddy went?,” for example, and the time she used three tenses of verbs in one sentence.

Here are some recent things Judah and Jovelle have said.


Grandpa trying to teach Jovelle her name:
• Grandpa: Jo
• Jovelle: Jo
• Grandpa: -velle
• Jovelle: -velle
• Grandpa: Jo-velle
• Jovelle: ME!

(Repeat above conversation several times over the span of several days.)

Judah proudly showing the plane he drew. (Actually, Chris and I were pretty impressed with it ourselves!)

Judah proudly showing the plane he drew. (Actually, Chris and I were pretty impressed with it ourselves!)

Judah, on shoes with velcro straps: You’re wearing your crunchy shoes?

Judah, on diversity: Mommy, all people in the whole world have the same teeth and the same tongue but different skin, right?

Judah, on sleeveless shirts: Why are you wearing that shirt? So someone can get your arm pit?

Judah, on growing older:
• Pointing to his arm: Daddy, look, see, my hair’s growing in!
• You’ve been old for ages, right, Daddy?
• My half birthday is coming up, and then soon I’ll be five, and that’s how growing works.


Judah, on birth: First you start out in God’s mind, then you are in your mommy’s tummy, then when you come out and no one has seen you before, you’re called a newborn, and that’s how being born works.


When scared: I’m too scary!
After sneezing: I blessed, Mommy.
After hurting herself: Sorry, me!
After eating a mango from the tree: My mango is NAKED!

• Somebody broke this on accident. I think it was me.
• Pouring water: Mommy, I poured too much water, and I drank all of the too much.

On seeing the cow heads and other parts at the meat market:


Jovelle, pointing to the heads: He has boo boo! Need band-aid!

Looking a little less than thrilled....

Looking a little less than thrilled….

And Judah, much less concerned about the cows, sighing: I like meat.


3 thoughts on “Kid Quips

  1. So funny! Glad you recorded them because the kids will enjoy when they are older. Two of our favorites: Joel (having just witnessed the birth of a calf) “I’m glad I’m not a girl.” Eric (table grace in cattle country) “Thank you for the food we eat and thank you for the flies we don’t eat.”

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