Rain in Chad

Wycliffe UK recently posted the following story out of Chad, our neighbor to the northeast.  How encouraging is this!?

Rain in Chad

April 24th, 2013 by Hannah

In 2011, many famous figures in the UK celebrated the King James Version of the Bible, including leaders like Prince Charles and David Cameron. But leaders celebrating the Bible is not a sight we often see. It makes it even more exciting to hear this news from a New Testament celebration earlier this month:

Earlier this month the Prime Minister of Chad, Mr Joseph Djimrangar Dadnadji, broke away from meetings with international leaders to attend the dedication of the Chadian Arabic New Testament at a local church in N’Djamena, accompanied by most of his cabinet.

You can imagine my emotions,” said the Prime Minister, “because you know what the Word of God means to me. As the prophet Isaiah said, ‘the Word is like rain, when it falls it has impact.’” (He was paraphrasing Isaiah 55:10)…

Nearly 800 people attended the dedication ceremony, joining in prayer and thanksgiving for the new translation. Excerpts from the audio recording of the new translation were also played during the service. The audio version includes a rich mix of Arabic accents from five different regions across Chad.

Read more of this from United Bible Society.

The Chadian Arabic New Testament was translated by a partnership of organisations, including Wycliffe’s key partners SIL International. More than 10 million people speak Chadian Arabic as a first or second language.

Even with the Chadian Arabic New Testament launched, nearly 200 million people don’t have access to any part of the Bible in their first language, the language that speaks clearest to them. Find out how you can be involved in Bible translation, through praying, giving, going or telling others.


One thought on “Rain in Chad

  1. about the Chad: the president of IFES is daniel Bourdannee from the Chad! he is the world leader of students in over 60 countries. he has also requested the translation into French of several of Kuyper’s works. rimmer de vries

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