Outdoor Adventures

Just a note that we have been trying to post regularly, but our internet has been pretty bad.  After six hours in the office one day, I was able to send only two e-mails – and not for lack of trying, as most of the day was spent trying to use the internet!  Please be patient with us as we will post when we are able to – or maybe we will re-evaluate and just give up and conclude that God wants our energies focused elsewhere! 😉  Like on hiking and other family activities…. 😉 

This past weekend we joined another family for a little hiking adventure.  Now, this isn’t hard core hiking like what Chris used to do, but we had such a wonderful time.  Jos actually has some beautiful landscapes (I know, it’s shockingly not all desert in Africa! 😉 ), and it was absolutely amazing to be outside and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.  We even had a worship service outside on the rocks (but not because we skipped going to church, of course.  Of course.).  The kids had such a good time; Judah’s favorite part was “being the leader.”  At one point, Judah led me, then Chris and Jovelle, along, scoping out the best paths to take (and wisely ascertaining that the drop off the side of one rock was too high to climb down).   During our hike, Judah sighed, “I like hiking.  We never go hiking.”

132_8098 edit

Too true.  Well, mostly true.  We have gone a couple times, but it’s been ages.  Our hope, though, is to change that and take better advantage of this beautiful place that God has us living in right now by going on at least one hike a month.

Judah was so cute guiding Jovelle....

Judah was so cute guiding Jovelle….

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Honestly, I felt exhilarated – I had forgotten how much I enjoy being outside (maybe because in Florida I tend to avoid it because, though I love the outdoors, I’m not a big fan of melting into large pools of sweat.).  I feel most connected to God when I am in the midst of His creation, and I felt so peaceful as we walked and climbed.  Though dry season has left much of the green grass and plants a dull brown, our hike was still filled with vibrant colors.  The sky was a brilliant shade of blue (though you’d never know it from some of our pictures), and the water sparkled various shades of blue and green.  Even the rocks boasted various colors: Some were bright red, much like the red rocks in Las Vegas that I climbed with a friend who lives there, some were gray and some were white.  Chris even found some limestone with cool layers, as well as purple rocks, and Judah and I found rocks tinted with shades of green and orange.  God’s creation is so amazing and diverse, and I love how His creation points to His creativity and power.

Daddy and Jovelle

Daddy and Jovelle

Mommy and Judah

Mommy and Judah

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We are so grateful we spontaneously decided to join our friends (It was actually kind of funny, as for the first time in ages, we were dressed and ready for church BEFORE church actually started – about 30-45 minutes before, even.  We got a text from our friends inviting us to join them for a family adventure and outdoor worship, and we were slightly torn: Take advantage of being dressed, all bags packed and actually ready to leave for church or go with our friends?  It didn’t take us too long to decide to join them, and we were ever so thankful we did!  And actually, because we went on a Sunday, it was really quiet.  We were the only ones out there, whereas on any other day, there can be quite a number of people, some with generators and water pumps getting water from the “lakes,” some washing clothes and some just hanging out – but most all staring at the group of white people who are doing none of those things but are just walking.  With no seeming destination in mind, no less.  Strange.), and we are looking forward to more hiking adventures and to exploring more of God’s beautiful creation.

I love this picture of them - they were having so much fun, just giggling up a storm....

I love this picture of them – they were having so much fun, just giggling up a storm….


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that in just about every family picture we’ve taken, Jovelle looks like she would rather not be a part of this family??


13 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventures

  1. This is so great! We have been stuck in the city for way too long, so I appreciate both the value of getting out into nature for the first time in months AND the logistical difficulties of doing so in foreign country where everyday life takes so much more energy anyway. Well done!

  2. Love the pictures of all of you. I too feel closest to God in the great outdoors. After all, it’s His creation that He made just for us. Can’t get much better than that.
    Love you,

  3. I feel most connected to God when I am in the midst of His creation – that is EXACTLY how I feel. It was how I felt in Colorado and Utah – overwhelmingly grateful, and though I’ve been a geologist for 13 years, its Ghana and Colorado/Utah that have found me truly appreciating nature. Somehow it makes me believe that I’m truly part of a larger plan.

    We would LOVE to come to Jos…..someday soon. I visited as a child, and love it. See you soon dear, and I so understand your internet woes – ours have changed since we began using MTN’s Hynet Wireless – UNBELIEVABLE transformation, especially after a year of frustrations with other service providers.

    Lots of love & God’s blessings

    • Thanks for the note (and sorry for the delay in replying)! If you were to come to Jos, would love to meet up! As a geologist, you would have a field day exploring all of the interesting rock formations and such up here. We see a ton just on our drive between Abuja and Jos.

      I don’t think MTN is offering Hynet up here, though it sounds amazing. I’ll keep my eyes out for it!

      Chris (Christie’s husband) 🙂

  4. Woaw… I love ur work and faith in God also. Just admire what you’re doing. God bless you.
    Is there any way to keep track of you guys, maybe by email subscriptions or facebook?

    • You can always add our blog to your RSS feed, and I think WordPress may also allow you to subscribe via e-mail. Thanks for following!

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