The Word Became Flesh….

This post is taken from a story recently shared by Wycliffe UK

This Christmas we will hear again that familiar declaration from John: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory…”  (John 1:14). When John wrote that, he wrote of Jesus, a Jewish man he had met, touched, heard and known. Because we have the Scriptures in our language, we can also know Jesus intimately and glimpse His glory.

But millions still haven’t….

Mwagavuhl Bible Translation Office door

Everyone listened intently as the national translator read from the Mwaghavul New Testament. But these people in north central Nigeria were certain that they had never heard the story before. “Where did this come from?” they asked, when the reading was finished. The translator smiled.

“You’ve heard this story every Christmas,” he answered, “but always in Hausa” (the trade language of that area of Nigeria). 

Indeed, this was the first time the Mwaghavul worshippers had heard the story of Jesus’ birth in their own language. And on this Christmas day, it was also the first time they truly heard its message.

May you hear the story of Christ’s birth anew this Christmas, and may you celebrate with joy and thanksgiving that the Word became flesh! 


2 thoughts on “The Word Became Flesh….

  1. Christie, this is amazing. I assume that God’s word has reached the ends of the earth and is understood by all. That people have already made choices and so there isn’t much else for me to do.

    English speaker that i am, i still get moments when I really hear something for the umpteenth time but finally ‘get’ it. How much more in another language. Thank you for sharing the message of hope, and ‘no assumptions necessary’. God bless

    • Your comment made me teary eyed. 🙂 Thanks for it – a good reminder (again) for me….. (Oh bother – I’m not explaining myself well – but all that to say that I was touced by your comment. 🙂 )

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