Pictures and Update of the Kids

Several people have asked for some recent pictures of the kids, so I have been dutifully (and laboriously.  But don’t worry, you’re worth it.  😉  ) uploading pictures to the blog over the last couple days whenever the internet is decent enough – so get ready to be bombarded with pictures!

I can’t believe Judah will be four in December!  He is a handful but loads of fun – full of questions, creativity and curiosity.  He loves to “read” and can spend literally hours looking at books.  One of our friends who is on furlough lent us her homeschooling curriculum, which for Judah’s age is just a whole bunch of books.  When we brought them home, he was so excited about them that he literally did not play with ANY toys, minus one 20 minute jaunt with his train, for two weeks.  (He did play outside some, just so you don’t think he was locked in a closet getting deprived of Vitamin D.)

I love his fashion sense. He loves his boots and wears them all the time, and he loves to dress himself – sometimes the clothes are backwards (He started saying he wanted the people behind him to be able to see the designs on his shirts.), often they don’t match, but who cares?

Going to work with Daddy

One of my favorite things these days is when Judah has his quiet time and I hear him in the bedroom playing by himself as he makes up different voices for his animals or cars.  He loves music and physical activity (I suppose most kids do based on how much they wear their parents out!); his coordination continues to surprise us.  When Chris pitches him a baseball, he often not only hits it but hits it surprisingly far (and left-handed, which Chris says just might be his ticket to college if he keeps it up  😉  ).  He’s gotten quite good at throwing a Frisbee as well, so Chris has high hopes for ultimate for him.  😉  I’m still waiting for the soccer interest to kick in a little more (no pun intended).

Fourth of July (I know – I’m really behind!). He REALLY wanted a headband since Jovelle was wearing one, but we settled on a star “hat” that we whipped up.

Jovelle is 19 months old now and a pile of energy.  She loves to read as well (We were worried for a while when she was very uninterested in anything to do with books.  When she hit one year, though, it’s like she suddenly loved books.).  She likes playing with her dolls, riding bikes and digging in the sandbox.   And she ADORES Judah.  Her favorite thing to do, though, is probably climb (Well, that and whatever Judah is doing.).  We have somewhat large rocks in our yard, and on more than one occasion we have turned our backs only to find that she has climbed to the top of the rock.  (Pictures of our little monkeys coming soon to a blog near you….)

It’s funny, but when she was younger, we really thought she was going to be this mellow little thing, but she has quite the stubborn streak and can be a quite the little spitfire.  (Can’t imagine who she gets that from.)  She is not usually without a smile, though (especially when the camera is out – then she puts on her best cheese grin and exclaims, “Cheese!”), and is generally pretty cheerful.

One day I managed to get her hair in a teeny tiny ponytail. It lasted about 2 minutes before it fell out.

Her vocabulary is increasing every day.  I can’t think of all the words she says, but the ones she says most frequently are:

  • Judah
  • Whoa!
  • Nepa!  (the power company)
  • Uh-oh
  • Book
  • Read
  • Shoe (Boy, does this girl love shoes!)
  • Bike
  • Bible
  • “Sasa”  (“Sorry,” which she says as she bends her face into yours and kisses your boo boo, especially is she is the one who is responsible for it.)
  • Mine!
  • Milk
  • “Num num” (“Yum!” said when she likes a food or when she wants a food that she thinks she’ll like.)
  • “Whoot whoot” (said when the generator comes on)
  • “Nack!”  (Snack)

One of my favorite times of day with Jovelle is when I am putting her to bed.  After she drinks her milk, she usually snuggles up with me in the rocking chair, and we just rock for a bit.  Usually she wants me to sing to her (She doesn’t realize yet that her mommy is tone deaf!), and if I don’t start singing, she will sing, her head resting on my shoulder, “La la la!” until I ask, “Oh, you want me to sing?”  “Yeah!”

So just a brief update (Whew!  Can you imagine a LONG one!??!) on what’s going on with the kids.  Hopefully I will post more soon.


7 thoughts on “Pictures and Update of the Kids

  1. Thanks again Christie for the updates. We always look forward to them, and you never disappoint–great writing, creativity, and fun! Love you!

  2. I can’t believe Judah ia almost FOUR! Where did THAT time go? You have really adorable kids! So good to at least have your blog to keep in touch. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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