Our Little Birthday Girl

One year ago today….

Hanging out at the Orlando Science Center. Five and a half hours later Jovelle was born.

And Jovelle, thrilled to be here.... 🙂 (Or maybe mad that she still didn't have a name....)

Some photos from the last year  (but mostly the last month)….

Meeting Judah


(Sitting so big....)

Sssh! She thinks you can't see her! (Playing hide and go seek....)

Showing off her four teeth. (It's funny because Judah had a whole mouthful of teeth by the time he was a year old. I rather like that Jovelle only has four - she looks a little more baby-like, and I'll take what I can get right now to try to slow the clock!)

We’re so thankful that Jovelle is in our lives.  She is such a sweet baby (well, unless you take something from her or she doesn’t get her way, then watch out!  The temper starts coming out!).

Jovelle doesn’t say much these days (but she doesn’t say it loudly  😉  ).  When we were in Ireland, she would say “Judah.”  And “Jessie.”  Is Jessie the name of her grandparents, you ask?  Or maybe her babysitter, or a long lost friend she was so happy to be reunited with?  Oh no, Jessie is our friend’s DOG.  Yes, that’s right – never mind the woman who gave BIRTH to you….

She has since stopped saying either Judah or Jessie.  She says something that sounds like Mama, and she says “Uh uh” (“Uh oh”) when something falls.  Or when she throws it then looks at you as if she wants you to continue this dropping and picking up game.

Jovelle likes to keep up with her big brother, which means that she loves to climb and has started walking – well, taking steps.  She has been standing and climbing for quite some time, but we have been surprised at how hesitant she has been in her walking; she started taking steps about a month ago, then stopped, then started again.  She has recently worked herself up to about five steps, but she seems to get a little frustrated and revert to crawling when she falls down again.

Besides climbing, Jovelle really enjoys keys (and is not tricked by plastic counterfeits), milk, hummus, screaming when Mommy leaves, bananas, sneaking out the front door when Judah leaves it open, eating dirt and shoes, rendering cell phones useless when she chews them and her saliva seeps into the electronic pores (which wouldn’t matter anyway since by then the keypad is so chewed up that dialing is impossible), playing in the toy kitchen, drinking from sippy cups (“Drinking” meaning “dumping the water out and soaking her clothes and the floor”), and spitting out the vegetables that we sneak into her mouth and swallowing just the carbs.  She has a keen sense of discernment.

Much to our chagrin, however, she is not that interested in reading or our Latin vocabulary flash cards. (I’m kidding.  We only have Greek cards.)

But she’s cute, so who can complain??  And, oh what a smile!

For Jovelle’s birthday festivities, Chris wanted to make her birthday cake, and Judah wanted to help, so they made banana cupcakes with strawberry frosting.  And by the way, the unfortunate amount of sugar in both of those recipes cancels out any health benefits putting bananas and strawberries in might have offered.  For Judah’s first birthday, we were pretty intent on him not having sugar, but when Grandma made us the same cake recipe Judah had, we were pretty quick to change our thinking with Jovelle.  😉  Besides, we figured that she wouldn’t get enough in her mouth to make much of a difference.

We didn’t know just how right we would be, though.  Jovelle seemed highly suspicious when we put this cake in front of her to eat (Maybe because we spend the whole day taking things OUT of her mouth?!).  She studied it for several minutes before even touching it.  Seriously, everything goes into this girl’s mouth except the food we give her!  At one point she even lowered her head to the high chair so she could get a better angle for her inspection.  I felt like I was watching Monk gather evidence for a case.  Finally, she tried it – perhaps with some encouragement from Daddy – but was still surprisingly hesitant about it. She ate a couple bites of it but soon began tossing it off the side of her high chair like a sacrifice of Jonah to the seas.

Okay, really, they were not that bad! She's a drama queen for sure! 😉

She liked her presents a bit more, though.

Okay, okay, JUDAH liked her presents.  He was really sweet in helping her open them, but when she lost interest, it didn’t take much persuading for him to finish the job.

Still, it was a fun day, and we are so blessed to have Jovelle in our lives!  We pray that as she grows, she will grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man (Luke 2:52) and that she will grow in grace and mercy.


6 thoughts on “Our Little Birthday Girl

  1. I think her grimace must be the detection of whole wheat flour! lol…

    Look people, birthdays are once a year. If you are gonna break out the refined sugar and flour on one day———let it be on BIRFDAYS! xoxoxoxo

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