Easter and Lent (and Downloadable Lent Calendar)

Once again I’m a little delayed in getting started on Lent and Easter activities (like that should surprise anyone.  I’m still working on thank you notes for Jovelle – who is going to be – sniff sniff – ONE in two weeks!!), but I figured I may as well share some of the things we’ve discovered and are doing are hoping I get enough motivation to do, lest you find them useful yourself.  Or in case you spend your days daydreaming about what we do – this will give you a more complete picture to help you in your visualization.  (Oh, and I usually haven’t showered and wear the same clothes two days in a row, just so you can really visualize.)  (And don’t worry, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  I find it flattering and not at all creepy that you spend your day picturing us.  Honest.)

It’s funny how each year I desire to be more deliberate about holidays and especially the Advent and Lenten season… and each year they sneak up on me.   Kinda like Jovelle’s birthday.  Seriously.  One.  I can’t believe it.

A-hem.  Where were we?

Ah, yes.  All the Lent and Easter things that I pilfered from the internet.  Thrown in with a mere handful of original ideas.  😉  (Albeit mostly from when I worked as a children’s minister about 4 years ago.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t had an original thought since childbirth.  And discovering Pinterest.)

(Speaking of Pinterest and dying eggs, I read a tip about inserting eggs into a wire whisk and letting toddlers dunk and dye that way instead of balancing on a spoon.  Pretty clever, I thought.  I am not entirely sure how you get the egg into the whisk without destroying it, though, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be experimenting with that one until I am 5 miles from a Wal-Mart and have a definitive replacement possibility for said whisk if it breaks.)

If you’re interested, I made a calendar with the things we’re doing this Lenten season, which you can download here (perfectly laid out for those of you also getting a week-late start….  😉  ) that I made for the things we’re doing this Lenten season.  (Easter weekend doesn’t have the activities that we would normally do then because we will be at a retreat that weekend, so we are doing some of those activities – like egg dying and Resurrection cookies – before the retreat.)  We do “school” three days a week, so the calendar is laid out with activities three days a week.  The rest of the week Judah runs wild while I try to get laundry and errands done.  It’s not a perfect system, I know.

The Bible verses are organized the way it is suggested in this great FREE resource, Jesus Loves Me, This I Know, so hop on over to their blog and pick it up.

Here are some of the things we’re doing:  (The rest, with links where applicable, can be found on the calendar.)

  • Remember the cool nativity printable I posted about at Christmas?  Well, she also has an Easter/ resurrection one.  How cool is this?  And it uses toilet paper tubes – the one craft supply we have in abundance here!  Sweet!
  • We also have (or make) play dough, so this activity for making a play dough tomb is pretty cool, too.
  • …And a slightly different version of it
  • On our calendar, you will notice that we are decorating a sheet with the name of Jesus.  I forgot to include the link for the sheet, but you will find it here at Hubbard’s Cupboard.  (If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s site, by the way, it’s a great resource for homeschooling and holiday activities!)

I was trying to think of what we could put in Easter eggs since 1) there aren’t tons of small candies or food things here that would fit in a little plastic egg AND 2) even if there were or we were in the States, we tend to not like Judah to eat them too much anyway.  (When my mom filled Judah’s eggs last year and for some toddler eggs for an egg hunt I organized when I worked as a children’s minister, she put in raisins, animal crackers, goldfish and Cheerios.  Stickers would work well, too.  Great ideas, but most of those aren’t readily available here.)

I suddenly remembered something I had seen… uh, somewhere… uh, sometime ago (helpful, huh?): hiding puzzle pieces in eggs, then gathering all the pieces post-egg hunt and working on putting the puzzle together as a family.  I really like that for lots of reasons – it’s time spent together, it isn’t candy, Judah loves puzzles, Chris loves puzzles… and…. Um, okay, well, I guess 4 reasons doesn’t count as lots of reasons.  But it’s fun anyway.

Now… to find a puzzle!

I also like the idea of using Resurrection eggs for an egg hunt, then using the eggs to review what we’ve learned during the Easter season, so that will be part of our Easter morning egg hunt.   When I was a Sunday school teacher in an urban neighborhood, we made a ton of them so each family could take one home with them…. These days I’ll be lucky if I finish one for my own family!

Do you have any traditions you do or want to do this time of year?  We’d love to hear what they are, so please share them in the comments!

…But however you celebrate the Lent and Easter season, we hope that the joy of His Resurrection will be real to you throughout the year.


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