Update on Judah and Jovelle

This update has been sitting in our drafts for a while, but I am finally getting to it.  It’s been a rough week with one pretty miserable and sick Judah.  He’s had a fever all week – the recipient of a virus (and not malaria, which we treated him for thinking that’s what it was) – and has been very clingy and whiny.  Today poor Jovelle started feeling feverish as well, so it looks like we have two sick kids.  Please pray for healing for them – and rest for all of us!

I’ve gone and blinked again.  We’ve been back in Nigeria for only about 6 1/2 months, but it feels like AGES – and it’s been just over a month since we’ve returned from Ireland, and yet it feels like we’ve been back for a while.  What is it about Nigeria that makes time feel so slow, in some ways?

…Except for the part where Judah and Jovelle are growing like weeds and all too quickly.

Judah is talking up a storm and continues to surprise and amuse us with the things he knows and does.  One day Judah was stripping, and Chris said, “Why are you taking your clothes off?”

“I cold,” Judah replied.

“Well, if you’re cold, you leave your clothes ON.”

Pause.  “I warm.”

His sleep has not improved much at night, but we did get a little insight when, for the first time this past week, he woke up and actually told us he had a bad dream (“Giant moth eat me,” inspired, no doubt, by a HUGE moth he had seen a couple days before.).  That’s the first time he’s communicated anything about any reason why he wakes up screaming, so while he still wakes up screaming, it at least feels like SOME progress.

Judah's favorite new hiding place, which he calls his cave

He really loves to learn, and one of his favorite activities right now is painting.  And playing the I-Pod.  We really have to figure out how to use that to our advantage – anyone have any ideas about potty training and using the I-Pod as bribery motivation?

Jovelle is 10 1/2 months old already and is as much of a monkey as Judah was (and is).  One day I was standing outside talking with a friend while Jovelle played contentedly on the ground.  We looked up and she had scooted along the rocks outside our house and then began to hoist herself up and climb the rocks.  (Don’t worry – when we saw her began to actually CLIMB the rocks, I ran over to at least spot her.  Not that little Miss Independent WANTED any help.)

Taking off

Seriously. A monkey.


Off to make dinner.  It’s Fun Friday, so tonight we’re having… leftovers.  I know, how un-fun is that?!  I told you, it’s been a rough week.  But the fun part is that we’re putting the tired, sick children to bed early tonight with ramen for dinner then enjoying some cheesy leftover enchiladas.  Now… here’s hoping they stay asleep long enough that we can watch a movie or something before we collapse in exhaustion, too!


One thought on “Update on Judah and Jovelle

  1. Hello Winkler’s
    I enjoy reading your blog. I am praying that Judah and Jovelle feel better and the sleep long and hard.
    As for Judah not sleeping a lot, have you tried praying with him? I recall when I was unable to sleep my mom would have us pray together. She told me how big and powerful God is and He was always with me. It helped.
    God bless you.

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