Foodie Friday: Eating in the Dark

Hey, guess what seems easy until you try it? Peeling and eating a Hershey kiss in the dark.

Not that I’m speaking from experience because someone gave us some Hershey kisses today (Oh, how I love when people visit!) and I couldn’t wait even a day before eating them…. The generator died in the middle of my chocolate-unwrapping experience, though, but of course I had to continue unwrapping it. I popped the melting chocolate in my mouth and savored the bite – until I bit into the paper and had to unstick it from my teeth. Almost enough to make me not want to eat them now.


There are some things that are just a little more difficult to do in the dark. Like blog. 😉

…Thus the short post, but we don’t have NEPA right now, the generator broke, our flashlights are broken or have dead batteries (Yes, ALL of them!!, minus the ones on our cell phones. And the travel alarm clock with the light that I feel for in the pitch black of the night and press about 20 times as I make my way across the house to feed Jovelle when she wakes up at night.) and the candles, romantic as they are, just aren’t cutting it for us right now. How did Laura Ingalls Wilder do it??!


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