Another Late “Friday”: Movie Food

Sorry again for the late post – maybe we should rename this “Tasty Tuesday” or something.  Internet has been less than desireable lately…. But on with the food! 

Each time we’ve left our house lately, we’ve seen a sign across the street that reads, “Cinema opening soon.”


Finally on Friday, Chris’s taxi dropped him off right in front of the building, so he went in to have a look, and that night happened to be the opening night!  It is a little hut-like building in which the windows have been blacked out with curtains, and they have a projector, screen, speakers and plastic chairs set up.  They
were having a Saturday matinee, plus an evening show, the next day, so Chris came home and told us we were going to have a special treat the next day.

On Saturday about an hour or so before the movie, the owner called Chris and told him we could invite all of our friends, and he would let us in free for a grand opening treat.  Any question we had about whether or not to go was immediately erased, so we traipsed across a very busy street – where the sign now read “Cinema now opened” – with the kids and a couple friends to see “Rio.”  (Quite a good movie and rather funny.  We actually laughed out loud several times – though sometimes it may have been because of the sheer giddiness of being in a “cinema” right across the street from our house in Jos.)

Either he really liked the bright yellow sign or he was so relieved about the correction on it that he had to point it out.

There was even a concession stand with popcorn – maybe popcorn is a universal movie munching treat.  Also on the menu, though, were meat pies, a standard snack here, and donuts – yum!  When we arrived, a man was rolling the dough for the donuts, and halfway through the movie we could smell the donuts frying up to good-for-you deliciousness while we tried to concentrate on the movie.

The concession stand menu

We’re pretty excited about this cinema!  We won’t go all the time, of course, but it will be a nice treat, and it’s nice to know that there is a family friendly place (unlike a cinema our friends went to, which I didn’t even know existed.  They show Bollywood and “Nollywood” (Nigerian) films, and apparently the whole place smells like urine and beer.  Nice to know there’s now an alternative to that.) we can go for entertainment around here – complete with yummy movie snacks.

Getting ready for the movie

The movie (and the power/ projector only stopped working once, so that was an added bonus!)


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