Pictures and Updates

Here are some pictures of the kids…. For more pictures of us (but mostly the kids because we all know that’s who everyone really wants to see!), check out our Facebook album here. (You don’t have to be signed up for Facebook to see the pictures. It’s just a little easier for us to upload pics there rather than on the blog with the internet speed. Or lack thereof. 🙂 )


Judah is about two and a half and is a bundle of energy. And a handful. He started going to a preschool two days a week that some missionary moms started, and we’ve also been doing some “school” stuff at home. He LOVES to learn; I wasn’t actually planning on doing much with him, but just after he turned two he started pointing out the letter “o” and saying, “O!” Soon it was the letter “c,” and not long after that, we decided we should start doing something with him.

He loves being a big brother and adores Jovelle (though you wouldn’t always know it by the sneaky hits he sends her way. He’s (usually) quick to apologize, though, and also quick with the hugs, kisses and protection when others come her way.)

It’s really fun watching his language develop and seeing what things he comes up with to say. Right now, whenever the power comes on, he gets so excited that he jumps up and down and yells, “Pow pow!” He even knows the difference between generator power and city power and will yell, “NEPA, Mommy!” or “Gen!”


Jovelle will be 7 months old on October 13 (WHERE has the time gone?!?) and is just about as sweet and content as babies come. She does get pretty angry, though, if you take something away from her that she wants, and she will sometimes get pretty upset if you put her down when she wants to be held, but mostly she is so laidback. She is VERY active, though – we thought we had at least another month before we had to start worrying about making sure small objects were off the floor…. but nope, she’s been crawling for over a month, and she is FAST! Chris says it seems that she learns something new about every other day, like she’ll learn one new thing, get bored with it and think, “Okay, what now?” She had just started putting herself in the sitting position, and days later she was pulling herself into a standing position. Whew! Some of our friends here tell us that it seems that she is physically quite “advanced,” but she’s probably just trying to keep herself out of harm’s way so enamored with Judah that she can’t help but copy him.

She loves to laugh, and I don’t think anyone can make her laugh as hard as Judah does. Such a happy little baby. Several people here have asked me, “Does she ever NOT smile??” (Just when I’m trying to cook dinner…. 😉 )

See - so cute and smiley! 🙂

For the most part, we’re all doing well. It’s hard to believe it’s only been about 2 months since we’ve been back – in many ways, it seriously feels like we’ve been back f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! We’ve been struggling a little with being sick – the joys of having a child in preschool, I think – but hopefully we will completely shake the lingering bits of cough.

As always, we are so grateful for the continued prayers, support and encouragement of so many of you. We really appreciate the e-mails and the mail; it’s so encouraging to know that, though we’re on the other side of the globe, we’re not forgotten! You’d be surprised how much even a short e-mail can uplift us for the day! 🙂

A family photo


2 thoughts on “Pictures and Updates

  1. Hi again,

    Sorry I have been slow in keeping in touch. I do pray for you every day, but don’t always get to Mc Donald’s to use their WiFi since I don’t have any connection at home. I did email you once recently, but wasn’t sure if you got it. Jennifer said it is easier to keep in touch via the newsletter since you have so many power problems.
    Wonderful pictures. Keep them coming. Miss you guys. Hope your Christmas is merry. I will be in PA for Christmas, home for New Year’s Eve.
    Love you,

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