You Are Highly Welcome

We (and all 13 of our bags) arrived safely in Nigeria last Friday. Both Judah and Jovelle, despite a 5 hour delay in Amsterdam because of a mechanical issue on the plane (2 of those 5 hours were spent sitting on the tarmac, where I silently pleaded for the airline to hurry up because we were using all our tricks to keep Judah entertained before take off!), travelled pretty well and even slept some on the plane and almost the entire 4 hour car ride from Abuja, the capital, to Jos (And truth be told, that’s probably the best part to sleep through because that is NOT a fun drive!). We arrived to our new, virtually unfurnished house on Saturday. Judah was so excited when we pulled into the compound that he literally squealed.

We are still getting settled in (and tonight is the first time I’ve even had internet access, so forgive the delays in responding to e-mails), but we are so grateful to be back. We miss our family and friends (and high speed internet) terribly, of course, and are already plotting how we can coerce people to visit us, but we have been welcomed with open arms everywhere we’ve been. Even the customs officers greeted us with, “You are highly welcome.”

And we definitely feel welcomed. Even in spite of several conversations in which our, a-hem, weight gain has been noted. Both Chris and I have been told on numerous occasions how much fatter we look. When one of our friends saw me, she exclaimed, “WOW! You have changed!” as she made arm motions indicating a ballooning body. She continued a few minutes later with, “I know you really enjoyed your time at your home and the food there” as she again pointed at my expanded mid-section. I smiled and commented that I did just have a baby, after all, but yes, I need to exercise, and maybe then I would skrink some, to which she replied, “No, I know you will love the food in Nigeria as much as you do at home and will not skrink.”

And she’s probably right. But at least I can take some solace in the fact that when Nigerians point out our “fatness,” it’s considered a compliment and a sign of health. 😉

We will hopefully get some pictures of our new house and cute kids up soon, but until then, we are grateful for your prayers and support.

With love,
“Those Winklers”


7 thoughts on “You Are Highly Welcome

  1. Glad to hear you are back safely! 🙂 And I wish it felt like a compliment when people tell me I look fat! 😉 [you don’t, by the way :)]

  2. Good morning, hope you´re enjoying your stay.
    I’m a fellow nigerian and I just came across your site while fetching up a word
    I just want to re-enforce that the word fat is a form of compliment as you must have notice. We believe it is a sign of good health.
    Above it all, I’m glad that our people received you all well. Although there´s still a lot to improve as you must have seen; we need God to make the rest of the changes that are halting.
    Today I make my living here in Brazil, it´s a great country, but as we all know, no place is perfect on earth today. We need God everywhere to make life better and worthwhile in the world of today.

    Regards and best of luck in your mission,


  3. Thanks so much for the reinforcement, Bamidele! 🙂 Looks like I’m much healthier these days. 😉

    Hope your ministry in Brazil is going well. I’ve always wanted to go there! Hope they’re as welcoming there as your own people have been. 🙂

  4. The word fat is a compliment,indicate that ur stature .More so "you are highly welcome"is good from ONABANJO .FRANCIS on said:

    The word fat is a compliment,also indicated that your stature have been changed.Moreso,”you are highly welcome”is good.

  5. The word fat is a compliment,indicate that ur stature .More so "you are highly welcome"is good from ONABANJO .FRANCIS on said:

    Anyway,i’m still in Nigeria here.”you are highly welcome”is good to welcome special people and to greet.ONABANJO FRANCIS

  6. The word fat does not refer to overweight, We Nigerian use it here as compliment,also indicated that your stature have been in a good mode,you are welcome.

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