Road Trip By the Numbers

We recently returned from our road trip throughout the Midwest and East Coast (with a side trip to San Francisco).  Following is a summary of our road trip… by the numbers.

Our route

  • 4,667.6: Miles on our van
  • 870: Miles covered on the Amtrak Auto Train because of how much Judah disliked the first 4,667.6.

    Maybe Jovelle felt the same way about our travels but just didn't have the words to express it....

  • 62: Days gone
  • 21: Beds slept in (plus one coach seat on the train)
  • 22: Times Judah watched the same Berenstein Bears video on the portable DVD player.  (Thanks, Shayna and Mrs. Nilsa!)

    Note the dazed look in his eyes from continual DVD viewing.

  • 67: Times we had to put Jovelle’s pacifier back in her mouth
  • 8: Formal presentations about the work of Bible translation in Nigeria
  • 18: States traveled to or through
  • 2: Countries traveled to or through
  • 235: Times Judah whined “I want down!”
  • 235: Times we replied “Almost there.”
  • 35: Toll booths
  • 3: Times we stopped for Internet at Panera/Starbucks/McDonald’s
  • 102: Oldest person visited
  • 7 weeks: Youngest person visited
  • 4: Times Judah woke up, on average, every night (at age 2.5 years)
  • 0: Times Jovelle woke up, on average, every night (at age 3 months)
  • 3: Candy factory tours (Jelly Belly in CA, Jelly Belly in WI, Hershey)


Jelly Belly factory

...Almost as big as him!

Definitely as big as her....

Is this really my son?? Sad while standing next to a peanut butter cup?!



3 thoughts on “Road Trip By the Numbers

  1. I’m so glad you got good use out of the DVD player! I like the comparison between the ages and the amount of times awake during the night! Hopefully Judah will get back into a good sleeping pattern once he’s in a consistent bed! It was great seeing you guys yesterday! Have a safe and blessed trip home! 🙂 Love you!

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