10 Weeks

Jovelle is 10 weeks old today.  Wow.  Two and a half months old.  The time has gone so fast.
She is such a sweet, mellow baby.  She rarely cries, unless she’s really hungry or really tired.  And she sleeps.  She SLEEPS.  It’s amazing – this girl sleeps 7-11 hours each night on average (and has for at least a month now), usually eats somewhere between 5-7 am, then goes back to sleep for a bit longer.  She is so smiley and content and is a little cuddler.  And a drooler.  I never understood why babies wore bibs when they clearly were not eating, but I think it’s becoming obvious to me now.  Judah was never much of a drooler, but this girl can soak through one of our t-shirts in 30 seconds flat.  Actually, maybe WE’RE the ones who need the bibs. 
Judah adores her, which is a huge blessing and praise.  We have to watch to make sure he doesn’t get too Lenny-like (from Of Mice and Men, in which loving Lenny loved SO much that he often squeezed a little too hard), but he loves to kiss and hug Jovelle and hold her hand.  Quite sweet.  (Now here’s hoping he still feels that way when they’re older!)

Today we had a baby dedication for Jovelle at the church Chris grew up going to.  She actually wore a dress that was mine when I was a baby (though you can’t really see the dress very well in the picture at the bottom of this post) and was quite cute in it.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t look nearly as cute in it, however – although my mother might argue otherwise.  😉  Funny how seeing things with a mom’s eyes gives a whole new perspective.

What a blessing it is to have these precious little ones in our lives! 

…Some pictures (One of our friends told us that we need to just post pictures even if we don’t write anything, so we’re trying to do that more often.  🙂  )….. 

April 22 - a month and a half and smaller than Great Grandma's doll. How quickly she's grown!


April 27. I love how her mouth gapes open.....

May 16, two (sniff sniff!) months old. Love that smile!


May 14, two months. She's growing so fast (and so cute!)


May 27. Judah sweetly (or demandingly, depending on his mood) says, "Hold baby! Hold baby!" then snuggles up to her. Just as suddenly, though, he decides he's had enough and will quickly remove his arm from behind her and squirm out from holding her, leaving poor Jovelle flopping on the chair.


May 29, post baby dedication


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    • Good to connect with you, too! Thanks for all the links and good conversation. It’s a blessing to call you a friend. 🙂

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