A Life of Piles

J. Alfred Prufrock measured his life in coffee spoons; I feel like my life is measured in piles right now.  Everywhere I look there are piles: piles to sort through, piles of clothes to get rid of, piles of things to take to Goodwill, piles of things to take on the road trip (We leave Friday and move out of the house we’re staying in tomorrow, and we’re not even close to being ready.), piles of things I know I should get rid of but am too sentimental to part with, piles of clothes Judah and Jovelle (Already!) have outgrown, piles I don’t have time to sort through that will inevitably end up unsorted only to have to be dealt with next time we’re home…. Piles.  Everywhere, piles. 


Sometimes this nomadic lifestyle is overwhelming.


One thought on “A Life of Piles

  1. Hope the road trip is going ok. We are currently leaving our piles in one place for a month and then on to a new place every week. We always are SO ready to get back to our place in Nigeria!

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