I used to love playing the limbo game when I was a kid.  My favorite was at the roller skating rink, where I thought I was Pretty Hot Stuff when I could glide under the limbo stick despite the fact that I was navigating with wheels in lieu of feet.  Even in college (Oh, like you never did the limbo in college!), I liked it because people often commented on my flexibility.  (Hey, I’ll take the compliments I can get.)

Fast forward to several years of inactivity, and it became an embarrassing endeavor that I dreaded.

…And recently I’m discovering the Real Life Limbo isn’t quite as fun, either, especially with a toddler in tow.  Judah was always such a flexible baby, often unaffected by travel, changes to his “routine” and even staying in five different places in one week.

And then he entered Toddler-dom.  Since we’ve been back in the States, we’ve stayed in a couple different places: We were at Chris’s and my parents for about 3 weeks each, and now we’ve moved to Wycliffe’s apartments, where we will be for another couple weeks, then we move to a house for about 3 months.  After that we embark on Road Trip Number Two (hereafter known as “What Are We Thinking?!”) then head back to Florida, where we will stay at a Yet Undecided Locale. 

I’m beginning to understand why some missionaries opt to buy houses, even knowing that they won’t be living in them for years at a time.  Something stable to come back to, a place where you can unpack and not live out of suitcases and three drawers all the time.  No house in the forseeable future for us, but we did get a minivan that I’m unnaturally excited about.  It’s not the bells and whistles, the great price, the smooth driving or the cruise control that excite me like they do Chris, and sure, I’m excited about the extra room that it will provide over a car as we embark on our What Are We Thinking?! Trip.  One of the things I’m most excited about, though, is that fact that the van feels like it will be our only piece of stability over the next several months, and I am REALLY loving that.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re so grateful for the people who have opened their homes up to us and offered us places to stay on our What Are We Thinking?! Trip, but I wasn’t expecting this element of furlough.  I thought my flexible baby would be a flexible toddler, and in some ways he is, but he’s less content in his car seat, less happy about sleeping in so many different places and it takes him longer to get settled once we’re there (Read: Bedtime has become a nightmare, and it’s taking him longer to warm up to people than it used to.).

Settling in Michigan

This past weekend we went back to my parents’ house to visit.  It had been about a week since we had been there, but when we turned onto my parents’ street and their house was in sight, Judah shouted and pointed, “Home!” 

Poor guy.  I couldn’t help but laugh, but I was also struck by how much truth there was behind that confused statement.  I feel like I don’t really know where home is, either, and I feel only temporarily settled each time we arrive at a new place, knowing that in a few days, weeks or months we will move on to another place. 

In many ways, though, I suppose this is just a reminder of what Paul was talking about: “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ…” (Philippians 3:20).

Citizens of heaven,
Christie, Chris and Judah (and Baby)


2 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. I love you guys and Praying for you:)
    It is so awesome to know our real home is with Jesus in Heaven!!!
    To bad we cant understand that until we get a lil older.
    Love you all
    God Bless yall:)
    Sister in Christ

  2. I still consider the house in Miami that my parents owned from 1962-1980 as one of my “homes,” even though numerous people have owned it, remodeled it, etc. The homes you have lived in, or even stayed at, are special, and will always remain as a part of “you.” “Home is where the Heart is.” 😉

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