This Winkler Scraps

Christie has joined the ranks of the multitude and started a blog to share her scrapbooking pages, mainly in an effort to not clog our family blog with pictures of Judah on the toilet (which, let’s be real, may nonetheless still find their way over to this side of Blog World).  Feel free to check it out at

Hey, how'd that get on this blog?! (And no, Judah is not potty trained or even potty TRAINING, really. He just likes to sit on the toilet. Not sure where he picked up that (completely unposed, by the way, for the record) habit of "reading" on the toilet, either. Blush blush.)


2 thoughts on “This Winkler Scraps

  1. I added the new blog to my list to read. I can’t wait to see what you post. As I too am new at this and like to see others work.

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