Power Strike

So apparently NEPA, our power company, has gone on strike.  Now I personally am having a hard time telling the difference between what our power supply has been like in the year and a half we’ve lived here and our power supply now that, well, there is no power supply, but maybe that’s just me.

We’re not entirely sure how long this strike will last — apparently the NEPA employees are a bit dissatisfied because they haven’t gotten paid in who knows how long, but word on the street is that the government isn’t too happy, either, since at least half the country is without electricity.  (Hmm.  Maybe it’s a good thing that Nigeria supposedly holds the title of “Generator Capital of the World.”)  Some rumors are that the military is planning to, shall we say, “encourage” NEPA to start providing power again (By “encourage” I mean “overtake” and storm in and run it themselves — which could be encouragement enough to end a strike if no one knows what exactly to do.  Chris pictures a bunch of Homer Simpson-minded soldiers sitting around going, “I wonder what that button does…. Oops.”)

Still, if I’d known that all it takes is a couple days without power to get the military involved, I’d have befriended some soldiers a long time ago and made small talk about our electric situation.  Maybe NEPA would’ve been so “encouraged” that we wouldn’t have needed to get solar power.


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