“The first from Africa…”

My Grandpa has this thing about making a big deal out of it when people don’t call him on his birthday.  This was especially true one year when none of his four kids remembered to call.  He made sure to let everyone know the following day.

I thought it’d be a nice treat to call him this year from Nigeria.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi Grandpa, happy birthday!

Grandpa: Thanks…you just beat your mom coming over.  [I thought I beat my mom to say happy birthday, but alas I was wrong.]

Me: Am I the first one to call you today?

Grandpa: No, but you are the first one to call from Africa.

Despite a stroke and other health challenges, I was encouraged to hear that my Grandpa still has at least some of his quick-witted sense of humor.



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