Return of the Bature Zoo

Guess what was back in full swing this week?

Christie teaching high school English?  Yes, but that’s a topic for another day.  (She is subbing for two weeks while the teacher from the UK tries to get his visa, hop on a plane, and arrive.)

The Bature Zoo!  Some of you may remember a previous post on this topic.  You may remember that by the end of their stay next door we were missing our friends looking in our lives.  As it turns out, that same family has been back to stay numerous times (their daughter is now a student at Hillcrest, the international school here in town where Christie is teaching).  This week the whole family came–and Judah spent most this week playing with their kids.  🙂  What started as an annoyance several months has now become a blessing.  Judah had some playmates which meant a bit of a break for us, and their fellowship has been enjoyable.  And now that their daughter is at Hillcrest, they expect to come back frequently.

Now if only we can figure out how to get the zoo visitors to not feed the animals. .. (Sarah, who works for us, was watching Judah this morning and had to dig a hard candy out of his mouth that one of the girls had given him.)


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