Meet the Winklers

Click here or on the photo above to view the latest video from Wycliffe USA on some missionaries to Nigeria that you just might know.


7 thoughts on “Meet the Winklers

  1. Wow guys, that was really well done. And really sad at the end, with Christie talking about her dad missing the final farewell, and everyone missing Judah’s first birthday… thanks for sharing. I hope y’all are doing well and have enough electricity to do your laundry!!

  2. What a great video! I laughed, I cried, I thought, “what an adorable baby” and thought I love these guys! :0)
    Hope all is well and thanks for sharing your life.
    love, An

  3. *SOB* I miss you guys!!! Great video. I wish I would have spent more time with you that last week. Guess my way of dealing with it was avoidance. 😦 I’m glad we get to connect on Facebook! 🙂 Love you!!!!

  4. Okay, the video was definitely very sentimental but I about lost it when Jermaine talked about rabbits being in Nigerian beds!

    It is really crazy though the way time flies. In some ways it’s like yesterday you all headed off to Nigeria and in some ways it seems like you’ve been there much longer.

    This video reminded me of how much I do love you Winklers! That time was so packed it was difficult to really get perspective on what was going on…pushing past sadness to cheer you on and be excited about what God has for your family. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to remember and continue journeying with you.

  5. That was a great video! My wife and I just joined a missions group called Dynamic Church Planting Interantional.

    I was wondering what program you used to edit the video with? We have been trying to find ways to help tell our story, and I think your video did an amazing job of doing that in just under 5 minutes.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    God Bless and we will be praying for you!

    • Thanks, Brandon. We didn’t do the video ourselves, it was done by the integrated marketing and communications team at Wycliffe Bible Translators USA ( I’m pretty sure they used Final Cut Pro, although I could be wrong…

  6. That video was wonderful! I admire your dedication to going overseas! Christie, your dad looks like he hasn’t aged! I would have probably bought your books at the yard sale! Hope you and Chris continue to do well in Nigeria!!!!!!

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