Fun with Finger Painting

Or should I say “Body Painting”??  

Today I made finger paint, and Judah, well, Judah painted.  Some of it even got on the paper.  Apparently that wasn’t nearly as fun as smearing his body with it, though. 

A blank canvas and finger paints awaiting.... Oh, the possibilities!

Here we go....

So focused....

Finger Paint Recipe

Combine and stir until dissolved:
                1 tbsp. cornstarch
                ½ cup cold water

Stir constantly while cooking over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil, loses whiteness and starts to thicken.  Lower heat and continue stirring about 2 minutes until mixture is very thick and smooth.  Cool slightly.  Divide mixture into separate jars and color with tempera or food coloring.  Leftover paint can be stored in a covered jar in the fridge for a week.

-From Wycliffe International Cookbook

Our neighbor and her children came over to paint with us. When Judah suddenly decided he was finished painting, he plopped right down in her lap. Never mind the food coloring; I'm sure it will come out. 🙂

We couldn't help but laugh at the contrast in the painting styles of the boys and girls (well, girl). Judah and our neighbors' boys dug right in, and by the end of their painting, they were covered in paint. Katherine, however, daintily dipped her fingers in, and somehow that was the only part of her that ended up colored.

It’s no Crayola Washable Paint, but hey, that just means that the color lasts longer and one’s body bears memories of the painting for days to come.

The final creation.... (Judah had some help from our neighbors.) Dumping the sand (the upper left corner) on the painting was an artistic stroke of genius, don't you think? Really adds texture to the painting....

The other final creation.... (Is it considered a self-portrait when you paint ON yourself?)

Christie and Judah


7 thoughts on “Fun with Finger Painting

  1. I hope thats not a BG on his bum, otherwise you might have a very colorful one of a kind diaper for months to come.

  2. Ah yes, the joys of finger painting. I remember it well, but I don’t think any of mine were quite this young when I let them paint.
    Precious memories for you (and Judah when he grows up).

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