I recently was on your site and ordered two e-gift cards.  You know, the kind where I give you a credit card number and then you send an e-mail with a special code to my designated recipients?  And then they just write down the numbers and take them to the store to buy your merchandise?  Yeah, that would be the one.

Which leaves me really confused as to why, shortly after receiving my purchase confirmation e-mail, I received an e-mail saying “We are sorry to inform you that we’ve had to cancel the item(s) listed below due to a supply issue.”

Really, a supply issue?  All you had to do was send an e-mail with some numbers on it and you have a supply issue?  Did your e-mail server run out of the capacity to deliver more e-mails?  Did the person punching the buttons develop a cramp and is no longer able to hit send until he gets it checked out by a specialist?

I’m confused.




2 thoughts on “Dear

    • Alan, I’m quite surprised that your order actually went through. Most people here just have to do without accessing bank accounts, Paypal, etc. because of that instant lockdown.

      Buying things through websites, though, is typically not a problem…and my order was processed and all that, they just couldn’t “ship” it. Strange.

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