Conversation Snippets

Christie and I are serving here at URBANA ’09, representing Wycliffe.  Here are some snippets from conversations that I have had in the past two days:

  • A young man walked into the booth and headed straight for the area where participants can write prayers on a map for various countries and regions.  He was an East Asian Studies major and prayed for the countries in that part of the world.  He enthusiastically signed up to pray for a language through the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project.
  • One young couple from Texas who approached the booth knew very little about Wycliffe or Bible translation.  Twenty minutes later, they were captured with Vision 2025 and how they can use their skills (one is studying education, the other medicine) to accelerate Bible translation.  Then they made meaningful connections with others at the booth.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them join staff somewhere down the road.
  • Another couple in their early 30s, from Iowa, stopped by with a clear vision from God to support the work of missionaries somewhere overseas.  They haven’t yet decided on an organization yet but have already started building their financial partnership team–and quit their jobs last week in order to be flexible for the work which God will have for them!  I had the privilege to pray for them as they discern God’s will for their lives.

I could go on and on about other conversations I’ve had so far–the high school Spanish teacher who is considering moving into a position doing literacy work overseas; the youth leader who is coordinating a trip to the Orlando office for the student leaders in her group; the countless folks who are interested joining the Bible translation movements through sign languages.

I pray with anticipation for what the Lord will do in the next two days of URBANA.



3 thoughts on “Conversation Snippets

  1. Thanks for taking time, especially since I know you days are full and tiring, to post this with such interesting specifics. Taking these as examples gives me more ways to pray for the team for wisdom and discernment as you encounter various ones who are in different places on their journey to discover and walk in God’s call on their lives and how fit into the great commission. Keep up the great work!

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