Dear Mr. Internet “Provider”

Dear Mr. Internet “Provider,”

Is it too much to expect that since we are paying for continual Internet service, we should actually get it?  At the very least, would it would be too much to ask for at least a couple hours of uninterrupted service – preferably during the hours when we’re actually awake?  Not that it’s an inconvenience, mind you, to get a babysitter and haul myself and my computer to the office – only to discover that it’s out yet again. 

…And not that our I.T. guy actually has a job description outside of troubleshooting all the internet problems (which has somehow consumed about 90% of his time within the past two weeks).  Perhaps, between phone calls and visits to your office, you just really like the recent bonding with him?

Or maybe it’s me?  Is there some kind of Internet User Eagerness Detector built into your system that senses how desperate one is to connect to the rest of the world and then disconnects accordingly?  I’m beginning to take it personally; it seems that every time I get anywhere near the office with the intent of using your services, it malfunctions.

Desperately seeking communication,

Yeah, we’ve totally hopped on the Dear Mr. So and So trend train….


3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Internet “Provider”

  1. Thanks to both of you for these comments. The last few days have been much better…so we’ll just hope that continues, at least until we get to the States very soon. 🙂


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