Dear Mr. Taxi Driver

Dear Mr. Taxi Driver,

Thank you for the ride home after playing ultimate frisbee today.  While I understand your need to maximize profits–and therefore have as many passengers as possible in your small sedan–I think what you attempted to do today was a little mean.  Granted, I was fine with being smashed into the back of your vehicle with three other people (not counting the three up front) along with all of our bags and such.  But the people sitting next to me that had to deal with my sweaty, smelly post-ultimate self?  Combined with the exhaust from the motorcycle that you insisted on following all the way home?  Wow, those other passengers must be stronger than I am.

But, hey, one can’t beat 30 Naira (18 cents)–so thanks again!


[This is the first in what we hope will be a regular feature on our blog: “Dear….”]


4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Taxi Driver

  1. LOL…I remember that well from the 2 months I spent in Bolivia. I think the worst it ever got was when a taxi driver somehow managed to fit 13 of us (at least 4-5 of which were small kids) into his station wagon!

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