Tyranny of the Urgent

Of course we KNEW we should back up our computer…. Of course we MEANT to send the e-mail to insure it….

And of course it seems that something else always comes up that’s more urgent, and the urgent always seems to take precedence over the important.  One never thinks that anything will actually happen that will necessitate backing up one’s computer until That Thing happens and leaves you in shock that It happened…  leaves you thinking about the pictures of your son as a newborn, your wedding, that trip to the zoo, the last time you were with your grandparents, that amazingly captured picture of your precious little boy looking up at you… wondering if anything can actually be done to recover them (especially when the IT guy says sorry, looks “irrecoverable” to me)… leaves you kicking yourself for allowing the seemingly urgent things to dictate your time.

I know they’re only things…. I know the Bible says not to store up treasures on earth but to store up treasures in heaven where thieves and moth and rust (and concrete when somehow computers take dives???) will not destroy….

But I’m upset.

Pictures… poems…. essays…. scrapbooking pages that were supposed to be Christmas gifts showing how much Judah has grown….

Is it being melodramatic to say that my heart rather hurts for this?  I feel a little lost.  “They” say the computer itself is probably recoverable, but the data may not be.  (I’m too sad to even make some parallel between the body and soul….)  Part of me feels like I don’t even know what to do for a creative outlet now.  I loved working on these scrapbooking pages and recording on them the things that God has done in our lives, but the pages are gone, along with all the digital supplies that were stored on the computer as well — hours and hours and hours of organizing and labeling supplies and pictures, of downloading stuff that, between poor internet connections and certain supplies no longer being available, I couldn’t do again here even if I had a computer to put them on.  Which I don’t. I can come to the office to use Chris’s computer when he’s home for lunch, but beyond that, things don’t look so promising.

It’s not just files that have been lost — it’s work… Lots of work… And memories.

So I’m hoping and praying that somehow the data can be recovered.  Please let it be recoverable!

And next time I’ll back up.

Learning the hard way,
Christie (and Chris)


5 thoughts on “Tyranny of the Urgent

  1. Oh, Christie, that does hurt to lose all those memories. Being away from family makes them all seem much dearer right now. Hugs for your heart…

  2. So so sorry Christie! I’m praying they will be recoverable!!! My brother lost his the same way…transferring them from one computer to another. I love you guys and missing you lots!!! LONG DISTANCE HUG!!!

  3. Hi Christie, sorry I’ve been so long in catching up with you. And so sorry you have lost all those memories. Something to be said for getting prints made, but that probably wouldn’t be available to you either. Did you send any digitals out so your parents have them? Love you.

  4. Thanks for the expressions of sympathy, you all. We’re still holding out hope that the files can be recovered, but no luck yet. We’re hoping to find a company in the States that can do this while we’re home in December/January, but nothing is guaranteed. Keep praying!

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