Two Adults, One Infant and a Camera, Please

We went to the zoo yesterday, where we had to buy tickets for ourselves – and our camera. An admission price that cost more than the adult ticket price. Judah was free; perhaps they figured a baby wouldn’t get as much out of a trip to the zoo as a camera would. (Actually, they may have been right: In typical Judah fashion, he was much more intrigued by the people he saw at the zoo than by the animals (with the exception of one very loud, urine flinging chimpanzee, and even then I’m pretty sure he was watching it more out of wariness than intrigue).)

Two adults and a camera....

Two adults and a camera....

The zoo was quite different than zoos we’ve been to the in States. Apparently lawyers here have not yet caught onto suing for little things like animal attacks because of too-close proximity to people because that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a lion or chimpanzee in a cage before. One monkey kept reaching its paws out to grab more food from the ground, and were I more daring (or idiotic), we could have touched it with no struggles. Some vague recollection about not getting between an animal and its food rang in my head, though. 😉 There were definitely not any significant barriers between Us and Them to keep anyone – small, unsupervised children included – from marching right up to a cage and sticking his or her hand in.

Look, Ma, no zoom!

Look, Ma, no zoom! (This was as close to the lion's cage as we dared get - but not as close as we COULD get.)

  The cages were smaller than what one would typically see in the States as well – though when I mentioned that, someone told me I was “thinking like a Westerner.” Well, yes, I suppose I was. One finds it difficult to step outside of the worldview one is raised with, no matter how far physically one is removed from that place.

…At least the cage for the camel and the donkey weren’t restrictive, though.

Oh, wait – that’s because they didn’t have one. They were just wandering around. Chris noted, “Interesting. At home the camels would be in a cage and the geese would be wandering around. Here the geese are in a cage and the camels are wandering around.”

Despite being spit on and covered in urine by some particularly impish chimpanzees, we had a really good day and enjoyed being outside and walking around. We think our camera enjoyed the day, too.

Chimp imps (The one on the right is the spit flinging one (The one of the left just threatened it....). The urine flinging one was in another cage. Gotta spread out the moisture, I guess.)

Chimp imps. The one on the right is the spit flinging one (The one of the left just threatened it....). The urine flinging one was in another cage. Gotta spread out the moisture, I guess.


Us, enjoying that we were not the main zoo attraction this time.

From outside the cage this time,
Christie, Chris & Judah


9 thoughts on “Two Adults, One Infant and a Camera, Please

  1. I love reading the adventures of the Winklers. I feel as if I am there experiencing those things with you at times. So glad to read you are settling in and enjoying your life there. Take care and may God continue to bless you all as you serve Him. Blessings!

  2. I wonder what the price of admission would be for a video camera…N400? Judah seems to have grown! I’m sure we will not recognize him the next time we see him. Hope he didn’t study and take lessons from the urine slinger. Raising a baby is challenge enough without that added talent.

  3. First I’ve ever heard of camera admission. I like keeping the spacious cages and no camera admission. However, I agree witht the Nigerians that geese should be locked up. Love keeping up with you all via the blog. I pray God blesses you and continues to equip you with His grace, the power of His Spirit, the power and wisdom of His word, and the language learning and other skills needed to continue to acclimate to life in your home. Our prayers are with you & the remnant Hubites we love you much 🙂

  4. Aaahhh…I love the Jos zoo! I went there a few times! It is exactly how you describe it! I was brave though and totally held hands with a chimp! There is also another zoo not to far away that is exactly the same! Keep blogging! It makes me laugh out loud almost every time!

  5. I have always loved the travel channel. Your postings read like a script for a great travel show but with a twist…a G-d twist. I think it would be a hit. I love that you are so witty, open and transparent. It makes for enjoyable reading. I feel like I am right there with you….exploring it all.

  6. Too funny! Exactly how does one fling urine? The geese are probably meaner than the camel…though I think the camel would be more intimidating. 🙂 Love reading your blogs! Can’t wait to see you in a few months! Love ya!

  7. Aw, thanks you guys! 🙂 Writing this makes us feel a lot more connected to everyone — what on earth did people do before the Internet? (Oh wait, they probably went to bed at 8 pm like we were doing before the Internet started working here.)

    Shayna — Clever little chimp… He flings urine by peeing in the water dish, then splashing it at people as he laughs maniacally. Can’t wait to see you, either! 🙂

    Mrs. Nilsa — 🙂 Aw, thanks! I can’t wait to see you in a couple months!!

    Holly — I can’t believe you were at the Jos zoo! That’s wild! (No pun intended….) I knew you were in Africa for a while, but for some reason I didn’t realize you were here. …I also can’t believe you actually held hands with a chimp. Maybe on our next visit I’ll get up the nerve. (Or not.) We haven’t been to the other zoo yet, but one of these days….

    Jen — Um, did you have a bad experience with geese???

    Russ — Try N1,000. We shoved the video back in the bag and decided just the still camera would get to enjoy the zoo that day. And Judah didn’t need any lessons — he seems to be quite naturally skilled at, um, releasing his…. Um, yeah. Anyway. 🙂

  8. In Puerto Rico geese have been used the way folks use pitbulls in Holden Heights. They can be territorial and getting beaked 🙂 by them is supposed to be unpleasant. I’m glad I haven’t found out. The Nigerians must have gotten the same warning I did 🙂

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