So what do you actually do?

Someone asked us this week about how work has been. Well–this move has been so much more than just starting a new job. While there is plenty of work for both of us to be doing in the Wycliffe office, our time so far has been–and will continue to be–focused on learning Hausa and settling in to our new home. I (Chris) started off by working a little in the afternoons after class but quickly realized that it was too much to begin our time here.

Once we are feeling more settled and Hausa class has finished, we will dive in. My role will be managing the support services team: those who are working in the areas of finance, IT, and general operations of the group. I will serve as part of the leadership, helping to guide the work of Bible translation in one of the countries with the greatest number of languages still in need of His Word.

Christie will begin by caring for Judah most of the day, but we have already identified some strategic roles she can play to advance the work here. Even though we had not seriously entertained the possibility of Christie going back to teaching (at the large mission school here), some part time and substitute teaching opportunities have come up and might work very well with her schedule. This is in addition to the original possibility we considered for her to assist in the area of hospitality. We are waiting to get settled and praying about where God might have her serve.


2 thoughts on “So what do you actually do?

  1. Christie: The thing is…You are so good at it.
    I know for a while you thought of switching into more curriculum writing, public speaking…but, maybe you can stagger commitments so that you are always doing something different and challenging.

    Chris:Best of luck!

    Judah: As you crawl… Remember that not everything you see is food…*heeheeh*

  2. Thanks, friend — of course, I don’t know if some of my former students would agree, especially if the topic of promptness in grading and returning papers came up. 😉 Constantly changing and doing different things sounds strangely appealing, though. 🙂 (Oh wait, is my commitment phobia coming through?)

    …And Judah definitely didn’t get your memo in time. This week’s Mouth Adventures included some cotton balls that he ripped off our neighbor’s preschool cloud artwork, a dairy receipt that we didn’t rescue in time (Wonder if it will come out the other end in one piece?), a big stone he found on the ground, several books that he ate through and my slippers. Oh, and pizza. Tonight he ate pizza for the first time. Loved it, he did. A guy after my own heart. 🙂

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