Judah’s Milestones

Within our first few weeks of arriving in Nigeria, Judah had several momentous occasions:

* His first two bottom teeth broke through on the we left Orlando. Since then, they have grown quite a bit and day last week, his first two top teeth broke through.
* He had solid foods for the first time just a few days after landing. So far, it’s been mostly rice cereal but we’ve mixed it up a few times, including with carrots and another time with moi moi, a Nigerian type of steamed beans. Pictures of him eating his first solid food will come as soon as we can get good enough Internet access to upload photos.
* It wasn’t long after we arrived that Judah started crawling. What started as a few drags along the floor is now “don’t blink or you’ll miss where he went.” He is also now pulling himself up to a standing position and can hold it with one hand. The only drawback to this is that he has not yet figured out how to get down. (As I was writing this, he took a tumble after climbing up the screen door when he couldn’t find a good route back to the floor.) Cruising and then walking will not be far behind!

While we are excited for these steps, it has been difficult to experience them and not have family and friends close by to witness them with, nor to have the Internet capacity to post photos and videos. Thankfully, our community here is growing and allows for a support system as Judah grows into a big(ger) boy and we grow as first-time parents.


3 thoughts on “Judah’s Milestones

  1. Ha! I feel like I could cut and paste your blog to our family members! Micah is doing the same things! How very fun for you guys. Micah also started pulling himself after being put down for a nap….screaming at the top of his lungs and pulling the crib sides like he was in prison or something…can’t figure that out….it’s not like a crib looks anything like a jail cell. Good to hear that all is going well with you. Learn that language well…it will make all the difference in your feeling at home there. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for sharing the story, Steph! Too funny. Judah also compares his crib to a jail cell…now all we have to do is come near his crib and he starts wailing, knowing he’s about to go for a nap. Do you have an ETD yet?

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