We’ve vacated our house for the day because we’re having nuclear power bug stuff put down. I was trying to be all brave-like about the bugs, but it wasn’t working. My bravery went out the window yesterday when I went to put a diaper on Judah and there was a roach in it. Yuck. I didn’t eat anything until about 1 pm because I went to the fridge to get breakfast and they were crawling in the fridge, too. I know some people probably see that as a nice, lukewarm delicacy, but this Southern girl lost her appetite and didn’t eat until 1 pm when we found some sealed-I’m-pretty-sure-bugs-didn’t-get-into-this homemade beefy jerky that some friends given us before we left (Thanks, Tim and Treesa!). Mmm, breakfast. And lunch. 🙂

Christie (…I can’t believe people really eat these things….)
Chris (I didn’t know my duties in Africa would include constant bug squashing)
Judah (Those crunchy things would be perfect for teething if I could only catch them….)


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