Settling In – Sort of…

We are slowly settling in physically and mentally, though in many ways I suspect I will never be fully settled. Part of me keeps forgetting that this is home for the next several years; we have traveled so much that I forget that this isn’t just a vacation this time. I suspect it will hit me much harder in the coming months.

…I miss my family and friends, and I miss the ease of doing things at home: high speed Internet; the quick trips to the grocery store; flipping on a light switch, confident that, well, light will come on; not having to worry about how long the fridge has been without power and what’s safe to eat in it; water pressure when you turn on the shower, etc. I miss Wal-Mart! Is it sad that one of the first things I want to do when we get home is wander aimlessly through the aisles at Wal-Mart? I wonder if I will ever get to the point that some of the other missionaries are at – they don’t constantly think about life back home; in fact, they consider Nigeria their home and feel more out of place in the States (or the U.K., as the case may be) than they do here.

We have barely unpacked because we’ve discovered that we are also sharing our home with some other creatures – a whole bunch of roaches have made themselves at home in every room of our house, and we’ve even discovered some in the fridge. Please pray for this situation; I hate roaches, and I really hate the thought of them crawling around the kitchen and lurking in the fridge where we keep our food. I know that there are certain things I will have to adjust to living in a culture that is so different from the one I have lived in all my life, but this is something I really don’t want to have to live with – and most of the other missionaries we have talked to have said they’ve never had a problem with them and have in fact seen very few during their times here, so it sounds like our house happens to be one of the few that has them in abundance. Lucky us! I’ve never longed for pest control so much before.

The people we’ve met so far have been incredibly friendly, and Judah has drawn quite a bit of attention. Everyone turns to stare at and touch the little white boy who smiles at everyone and is carried in the front instead of on the back. Today at the market we got stopped, pointed at and given advice to so many times: “Hello, beautiful baby boy!” “Psst! Batouri [white person]! You come to my shop!” “Why you carry him like that? Why you not carry him on your back?” “Doesn’t that hurt his legs?” “Why you not have more clothes on him? He’s cold!” (Um, it’s 80 degrees!) (“No, he likes it,” I finally started responding, as if I have some keen insight into the mind of babies who have been unnecessarily overdressed.)

Christie (Where’s the nearest Wal-Mart?)


One thought on “Settling In – Sort of…

  1. Haha! This is so funny to read! Post up your address so that people can send you things…I’m gonna send a tiny package in November!

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