Finally Here

We decided to create this blog to hopefully keep everyone updated on what’s going on in our lives, as well as give you some ideas of ways you can pray for us.  We know this isn’t the most eye-appealing blog yet, but we hope to make it more so as we get more time and internet access.

We safely arrived in Nigeria on Friday, July 17.  As we flew over Nigeria, I poked Chris and said, “Wow, look how green it is! It is so much greener than I thought it would be!”   (Yes, it’s true – after all that it took to get us here, my first thought was about greenery….)  My naïve perceptions of Nigeria were of sandy deserts, but many parts of it are quite lush – at least during the rainy season.  We hear that that will soon change.  Still, though, I guess I should’ve paid more attention in geography class to the physical diversity of Africa.

Judah was quite a help as we went through customs.  We had somehow lost the tickets we needed to claim our bags, and after being held up in the line for about 20 minutes, the woman finally said, “Okay, you can go – but only because of the baby!  If you didn’t have him…” as she shook her finger at us.  As one of our bags was being searched and Chris was being questioned, I was called over for questions.  A woman asked questions about what we were doing in Nigeria and asked, “Are you missionaries?”  Um, is there a wrong answer here?  As I replied “yes,” she waved off the other customs workers and told them to leave our bags alone; we were missionaries.

After a five hour drive from the airport, we made it to our house in Jos.  The house is much nicer than we expected, though it is right off of a major road, so we get all the smells and sounds that come with city life here: horns honking almost continually from 6 am (Thank goodness for the city curfew!  At least we have relative silence beginning at 11 pm, albeit at the cost of personal liberties. ), the smell of plastic burning, loud music….  Judah seems unphased, though, and sleeps through it all (when he sleeps, that is).

Our internet connection is definitely not as good as we thought it would be, but hopefully we will be able to update everyone frequently.  We miss everyone and are so grateful for your thoughts, prayers, support and encouragement.


Christie (Customs ticket?  What customs ticket?)
Chris (I know it’s in here somewhere….)
Judah (Don’t worry, guys, I’ll take care of this one.)


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